Join VHS

The Reason why you should enter the industry through VHS’s:

  • We will be able to look at you and give you our honest opinion and point out what you need to work on.
  • Each person that is accepted will be placed with an agency that will be beneficial to the model / Talent.
  • Potential models must note that it doesn’t mean if one agency said no its over we will connect the dots and see if we can help you out.
  • We will also be assisting the models that is accepted with a mini shoot to submit to agencies thus making the chances of being with a great agency a reality.

VHS’s Tips for Being Scouted:

  • Have a clean face with absolutely no makeup on.
  • Pull your hair back.
  • Wear a form fitting outfit like skinny jeans and a tank top. We need to see the shape of your body.
  • Please submit at least one good head shot with a full length photo ( please don't try to dress it up because it might be to distracting )

Ensure your images are not larger than 3mb each in size